Providing Students with Teacher Feedback

Using built-in communication tools found in the student's Score Reports, teachers can review student work and provide feedback about their writing. 

Finding the Student's Score Report

  • To access a student's score report, click the Reports tab. In the Performance section, click the Class Averages: Trait and Total Scores link, click the student name in the chart or in the table, and then click the date next to the writing you wish to review.  
  • Another way to access a student's score is through the Course Home Page in the Student Writing History section.
    • Click the Home tab to navigate to the Course Home Page. 
    • Under the Student Writing History, click the date next to the student writing you wish to review.   

Sticky Note Comments within the Essay

  • To leave a comment within the student's writing, highlight the text, click the yellow Add Comment button, enter your comments in the text box and click OK.
  • To leave a comment about spelling, highlight the text, click the Mark Spelling button, enter your comments in the text box, and click OK.
  • To leave a comment about grammar, highlight the text, click the Mark Grammar button, enter your comments in the text box, and click OK.
  • Repeat this process for each comment that you would like to make in the student's writing.

Scoring for Textual Evidence and Content Accuracy

  • To score student writing for Textual Evidence and/or Content Accuracy, click on the number of stars (1, 2, or 3) to designate the student's score. Refer to the attached scoring rubric link to assist with determining a score.
  • Once a score is designated for a particular student, it can be changed but cannot be removed.
  • To add comments, click Edit, type your comments, and click Save.
  • Note: A comment cannot be added without assigning a score. To add a comment, first assign a score by clicking the number of stars.

Teacher-to-Student Messaging

  • Scroll to the bottom of the score report to leave a general comment or suggestion for the student. 
  • Click inside the Messages box, type your comments, and click Post Message.  The student will receive the message in their Student Writing History upon login.   
  • Teachers can also leave students a message on the student's graphic organizer page and on student essay drafts that have been saved but not scored.