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Rubrics are provided for the Six Characteristics of Writing, Constructed Response, Text Evidence, and Content.

Viewing these rubrics can help you understand what is expected in essays and how to improve scores.

Six Characteristics of Writing

Rubrics for Teacher Scoring

Rubrics by Genre

Constructed Response

External Resources

Here are additional tools and resources to assist with your WPP Online work, including information regarding citations and plagiarism checkers.


Plagiarism Checkers

Text to Speech

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The 2 Stars and a Wish Guide provides an explanation of how students can use the "2 Stars and a Wish" method to evaluate a peer's essay. It provides guiding questions to be considered by the reviewer.

2 Stars and a Wish Guide

The 2 Stars and a Wish Sentence Starters provide ideas to help students start completing a peer review.

2 Stars and a Wish Sentence Starters 3-5

2 Stars and a Wish Sentence Starters 6-12

Teacher Peer Review Guide